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New packaging solutions with LOGIPACK CYCLE

LOGIPACK at the drinktec 2009

Bremen, Germany, 09/09/2009

An innovation from LOGIPACK has opened the door to highly efficient production and marketing for bottles in multipacks for all kinds of breweries.

LOGIPACK will be present at the drinktec (stand 313, hall A2) to showcase its LOGIPACK CYCLE concept: an integral new approach for manufacturers, consumers and retailers alike. The decisive elements which make up the CYCLE: The TLM LOGIPACKER designed for fully automatic packaging in closed baskets holding 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 bottles with inline link to the filling line. The semi-automatic VARIO LOGIPACKER is specifically targeted at smaller-scale breweries. The LOGIPACK Allrounder developed as a load carrier to accommodate different packaging variants within the footprint of a standard beer crate, forming the basis for seamless integration into existing brewery filling and logistical processes.

The availability of beer in handy multipacks is something the consumer has been asking for, and the retail trade is keen to satisfy this growing demand. And because customers are prepared to pay a premium for added variety and convenience, this concept is likely to pay dividends for manufacturers too. But for it to succeed, breweries need to find a way of reconciling more individualized demand with the need for a standardized production process.

The new TLM LOGIPACKER offers a solution which opens up scope for efficient production. This packaging technology, supplied by Crailsheim-based packaging machine specialists Gerhard Schubert, permits the inline manufacture of small containers. The line is capable of packaging 0.33 and 0.50 litre bottles in baskets of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12, which it places on the new-style LOGIPACK “Allrounder tray”. Capable of engaging containers of varying sizes and single bottles in all popularly used formats, the Allrounder certainly lives up to its name.

The LOGIPACK CYCLE also has an answer to the complex requirements entailed in the clearing of empties. At present, drinks crates have to be returned to the right brewery, even if it means transportation over long distances. The Allrounders, by contrast, are neutral in format in the same way as standard bottles, and can therefore be transported from the nearest LOGIPACK logistics centre to local breweries.

TLM LOGIPACKERs are equipped as standard with a line management system and can be integrated with ease into a Manufacturing Execution System. The trays are fully automatically assembled on a need-driven basis for the retail trade onto all customary pallet sizes.

Alternative machine solutions offered by LOGIPACK include the HST LOGIPACKER for production of up to 15,000 bottles per hour and as a new addition also the VARIO LOGIPACKER for a throughput of up to 9,000 bottles per hour.


LOGIPACK Pool GmbH, Bremen, is part of the German Nordmann Group, whose fields of business cover the entire beverage industry process chain: From production through logistics and packaging to distribution and POS marketing.

The core competence of LOGIPACK Pool GmbH is its closed multi-cycle system designed to optimize the flow of goods and empties for both customers and retailers, so permitting customer-driven product range management. The LOGIPACK reusable system is suitable for use throughout the entire beverages sector: For beer, soft drinks, wine, sparkling wine and spirits. LOGIPACK achieved a turnover in excess of 700,000 hectolitres of brand name beers in the 2008 financial year.

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